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Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only means you’re wise.

Benchmark Media Solutions (BMS) has been established to assist, by invitation, students that have been unable to complete a training course within the maximum period allowed.

BMS sources excess training capacity from recognised training providers, and where possible the same provider with which the student has an existing relationship. There is no charge by the training provider, and only a one-off administration fee [£400.00 inc VAT] payable to BMS.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for selected students that have run into time difficulties, often through no fault of their own, to complete their course during a further fixed period under a contract with BMS.

Our aim is to assist students to achieve their goals and succeed in the highly competitive jobs marketplace.

BMS does not provide extra-curricular tuition to students whose permitted period of study has not expired. Our focus is upon selected students that require a further period of study to successfully complete their course.

We monitor students’ use of the additional time period, and prioritise the allocation of our sourced excess training capacity to those students demonstrating full commitment.

Benchmark Media Solutions